25. May 2023

2291 Festival

Launch of the 2291 Festival a complete success

On May 23, 2023, the 2291 Festival took place for the first time in the Kursaal Bern with around 200 interested participants. While during the day the participants were able to deal with various future topics in workshops, in the evening the discourse was put into the extended round and in various panels the speakers were able to provide valuable food for thought for the future.

During the day, Initiative Switzerland created a poll on the topic "What is your Federal Constitution?" in typical Swiss fashion, in which people were allowed to vote anonymously on which topics are considered weighty in the current Federal Constitution and which articles and topics should be newly included. The ideas ranged from integrating the circular economy to inclusion to revising the "Switzerland" business model. The discussions with the participants were more than inspiring and the initiator of the festival, Christian Häuselmann, was able to send the participants off into the Bernese summer night with a filled backpack of new ideas.

The festival will next take place on May 28, 2025, catalyzing the visions of the future that have emerged. You can find more info in the link below