26. March 2022

Connexa Helvetica

First Stop in Bern

The first Connexa Helvetica event was held in March 2022 at the Federal Palace in Bern. In addition to around 20 young talents, National Councillors Andreas Aebi (SVP), Martin Candinas (CVP) and Eric Nussbaumer (SP) were also present at the discussion panel.

Connexa Helvetica

Together with 2291.ch, Initiative Switzerland has launched "Connexa Helvetica". We network experienced personalities from business, politics, culture and science with young people and talents. And this in all language regions of Switzerland.

In an exciting dialogue and exchange, sixteen young people discussed the following questions with National Councillors Andreas Aebi, Martin Candinas and Eric Nussbaumer at the Federal Palace in Bern:

  • What are the most urgent problems that the current and future generation of politicians must solve for the well-being of Switzerland?
  • What is Swiss politics doing to ensure that in 30 years Switzerland will still be one of the most successful and innovative economies in the world?

The next stops in our event series will take place in Ticino, Geneva and the Rhaeto-Romanic Grisons. With Connexa Helvetica, we promote cohesion across all four cultures and language regions of Switzerland.