30. September 2022

Connexa Helvetica

Stop in Ilanz/Glion

The third Connexa Helvetica event was held in September 2022 at the Haus der Begegnung in Ilanz/Glion. The focus of the discussion at this meeting was the Romansh language and its significance and importance. In addition to around 15 interested people, the National Councilor Martin Candinas (CVP) also took part.

Together with 2291.ch, Initiative Switzerland has launched the Connexa Helvetica project. We network experienced personalities from business, politics, culture and science with young people and talents. And this in all language regions of Switzerland. 

In an exciting dialogue and exchange, the fifteen or so people with a connection to and love of the Romansh language discussed the following questions at the Haus der Begegnung in Ilanz/Glion:  

  • What concerns you personally, in relation to the origins and future of the region?
  • What are your high or low dreams for the future of the region and the Romansh language?
  • What do you particularly enjoy about Graubünden?

The next stop in our event series will be in Ticino. With Connexa Helvetica, we promote cohesion across all four cultures and language regions of Switzerland.