19. June 2024

Prix Suisse 2024

Büne Huber receives the "Prix Suisse" 2024

On 9th November 2024, the Prix Suisse will be awarded for the fourth time. The award is presented annually to an outstanding Swiss personality from the fields of business, science, sport or culture. This year's Prix Suisse honours an exceptional figure from the field of culture and goes to Büne Huber from Patent Ochsner. Federal Councillor Beat Jans will present the Prix Suisse 2024 in a festive ceremony in the Kursaal Bern in the presence of four hundred invited guests from business, politics, administration, sport and culture and honour Büne Huber for his outstanding achievements and great merits as a musician, painter and artist.

As the frontman of Patent Ochsner, Büne Huber has redefined the boundaries of music.

As a songwriter, composer, painter and creative mind behind numerous hits, he has had a lasting influence on the Swiss music scene for years. His tireless commitment to art and his authentic style have made him an icon known throughout Switzerland and beyond.

Patent Ochsner is considered the most influential and significant band in the country, characterised by its diverse musical influences, ranging from rock to folk to experimental sounds. Their unique style and moving lyrics have had a significant influence on the Swiss musical landscape. The cult band has already received the "Swiss Music Award" for their life's work and was the first Swiss band to be honoured with an MTV Unplugged.